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Fluency Friday-2011

TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More!

Group Therapy for People Who Stutter

Learn Strategies to Control StutteringFluency Friday 2010 was held at St. Peter & Paul Elementary School in Reading, Ohio on November 5 and the morning of November 6.  The 2010 version of FF included 63 children and teens who stutter along with approximately 35 parents and 9 siblings/friends. Several professional speech language pathologists (20) from the Greater Cincinnati area supervised and mentored graduate clinicians from the University of Cincinnati and Bowling Green State University.  The graduate clinicians from these universities provided treatment for the children/teens who stutter.  Professional speech language pathologists supervised at FF and assisted in the development & implementation of the program.Adobe PDF Download Parent Program Info

Individual and Group treatment sessions were scheduled during the day and one-half FF program.  A FF tradition continued with the Closing Ceremony where skits, developed by attendees were performed. This year a special performance was given by Tom & Jason Scharstein and Miranda Smith who discussed her journey with stuttering. The Teen Group also spoke to the parents and to the “younger” kids who stutter.  During these sessions, the teens provided advice and ideas for the younger students.  Adults who stutter also attended on Saturday morning to speak to the parents about their experiences with stuttering. The traditional Saturday breakfast began with conversational interactions and was followed by a TEAM event that included everyone at FF.  All had to work together to roll a marble on a small track across the cafeteria. Raffle tickets were earned by attendees for achieving targeted goals and participating in various activities.  Again this year, FF hosted a display/event from Usborne Books and every child/teen who participated in FF received a book at the end of the Saturday session.

          The FF web page www.fluencyfriday.org facilitated registration and provided FF materials for the community SLP’s and graduate students.  This web site was developed with grants from the Ohio Speech Language & Hearing Association and the Southwestern Ohio Speech Language and Hearing Association.  ThTeens and Students Learn about Stutteringis web page continues to be expanded and maintained through donations.  The site is revised and updated as an ongoing educational tool for graduate students and for community speech language pathologists.  In addition, the FF manual was revised by Diane Games and Karen Rizzo.  The theme for FF 2010, TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More!, was utilized in age appropriate treatment booklets designed by college student, Tyler Schmidlin. The workbooks contained goal planning, rating scales, and several activities designed to facilitate treatment and manage stuttering.  The workbooks and other diagnostic and treatment materials are also available on the FF site.

          The FF planning committee would like to thank Ohio Speech Language & Hearing Association and our local association, Southwestern Ohio Speech Language & Hearing Association for continued support of the FF project.  Additional funding from a private donor this year has provided financial support for the ongoing development of the FF web site and program outreach into lower income areas of Cincinnati. In addition, the FF program continues to receive recognition as a training tool for graduate clinicians. This year, the FF professional team will present a special session at the Ohio Speech Language Hearing Association convention celebrating our 10th anniversary!

As usual, with a program like this, there are many people who need to be thanked…from the many professionals who donate their time to the people who volunteer just because….watch out for announcements  for the 2011 version of FF on the first Friday and Saturday morning in November!!!

Diane C. Games, M.A.  CCC-SLP; BRS-FD

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